Defective Dangling Dongles

I am sitting in a charge nurse meeting at work, listening to the Information Technology (I.T.) guy explain why our computers are so slow.

“It turns out,” he says, “the trouble is with their dongles, so  – ”

My eyes pop open.

Dongles?”  I burst out involuntarily, incredulous. “Did you say dongles?

The I.T. guy misunderstands my reaction. “Yes,” he says earnestly. “Little antennas that plug into – ”

I’m not listening anymore. A whole new continent has just been discovered, a brand new world has opened up before me, ripe for exploring.

Computers have dongles!

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Kauai: Capricious Rain, Conflicting Emotions

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Martin was up again before sunrise and out of the condo in his quest for Sunrise Pictures. Hope does spring eternal. By the time I rolled out of bed, several very-civilized hours later, the sky was as it’s always been: grey, with darker grey patches and slashing rain on the horizon. Heavy brown surf pitched in the bay, and wind whipped through the coconut trees.

3-10-013_01And Martin is out there somewhere, facing bravely into the wind, camera optimistically set up, waiting to see if the sun just might burst through the heavy bank of black clouds.

I just love him for that.

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Kauai: Crossing Over

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Martin and I awoke to pounding surf, grey skies, and threatening rain. We stood on our little lanai in the dark, overlooking the leaden bay, listening to the roaring surf and howling wind, and watched the sun struggle to come up.

Despite such iffy weather and threatening skies, we decided to venture out, driving up Kuamo’o Road to ‘Opeaka’a (“Jumping Shrimp”) Falls. We admired the view of the thundering waterfall, then drove on, stopping frequently at other overlooks along the road and admiring the flocks of handsome “red junglefowl” (really, a bunch of chickens) pecking freely through the wet grass. The Keahua Arboretum was at the end of the road, where the road plunged into the Wailua River.

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