Hi there!


I’m glad you came by. I hope you’ll bear with me as I start this blog. I have an overwhelming number of journals filled with trip- and travel-adventures, sheaves of paper full of scribbled poems, a computer overflowing with wacky emails, and a perimenopausal hormonal system that is actively giving me ample, if somewhat unwelcome, fodder for funny (or maybe crazy) stories. It could take me years to transcribe it all.

Plus I have a day job. I’m a nurse, so you might even be treated to a goopy-wound story or two.

And I have two dogs. Happy fluffy (oh, not really fluffy, more like “wet and bedraggled,” although that pretty much defines “happy,” doesn’t it?) golden retrievers who need lots of attention. We’re always romping on the nearby riverbank, swimming together in the summer, chasing balls (and each other) in the winter. I’ll continue to give them my full attention, blog or no blog.

And I have an unruly yard that desperately needs taming. No brainer, I’ll continue to ignore the yard.

And most importantly, I have a husband. I don’t see enough of him, so I might ditch you for him. Sorry about that. You can meet him over at Martin Beebee Photography. Say hi to him for me, he’s a nice guy.

I should add that everything I write — all the zany (and not so zany) stories, the mishaps, the feelings, the adventures — all of it is utterly true.

Well, mostly true. And if not completely precise, certainly inspired by actual events.

With an embellishment here and there, just for fun.

So stick around. I hope you’ll find good things coming.