Poem: Dakota and Katy

Dakota and Katy

Dakota and Katy

The Backstory

“I’m never getting married!”

Dakota, my husband Martin’s best friend, had made the assertion his entire life. From the time Dakota was old enough to take an interest in girls, he said it: I’m never getting married!

He enjoyed many long, stable relationships over the years, but was always firm and unwavering in his resolve: I’m never getting married!

And then one day, he met Katy.

We knew she was different, right from the start. He was crazy about her. And who wouldn’t be? She is brilliant, classy, and fun.

Katy is open to hiking and backpacking with him, willing to shoulder a pack and venture far into the wilderness to sleep beside a pristine lake under the moon and stars, and brew coffee as the sun rises over the mountaintops.

She patiently watches horror movies with him, huddling on the couch late into the night as bloody zombies, bandaged mummies, and gruesome monsters parade back and forth across the screen. That’s true love, right there.

In turn, Dakota cheers her on as she runs long distance races. He proudly brags about her, a woman with the strength and stamina to cover long distances under her own power, a woman with the grace and classiness to turn heads as she enters a room, a woman with the brilliance and resolve to choose a career dominated by men, and make it hers.

They take each other new places. Together, they travel, explore, and experience the richness of life. Each person is enthusiastically supportive of the other.

Relationships don’t get much more perfect than that.

When we received his text – I’m getting married!!! – we were speechless. It was an incredible, almost unbelievable announcement from Dakota.

But we were also anticipating the news. Yep, there it is! Saw that one coming a mile away!

Because Dakota and Katy are perfect together.

Dakota and Katy

Dakota was happy with bachelorhood;
He stayed level-headed, as bachelors should.
Then one fateful day Katy happened his way.
“The rest is all history!” we merrily say.
Katy went to his head like a whiskey and soda;
With one languid smile, she conquered Dakota.

He was charmed by her beauty, enthralled by her wit;
She’s smart. Lots of fun. She has grace; she has grit.
Her sweetness and sizzle he couldn’t refuse.
Katy! The girl that he just couldn’t lose.
And so starts their journey as Husband and Wife!
One glance and you know that they’ll have a good life.

Cuz like sunrise and coffee, like moonlight and lakes;
Like hatchets and zombies, like leather and lace;
Like friendship and laughter, like cookies and milk;
Like midnight and monsters, like perfume and silk;
Like fanfare and trumpets, like love and forever,
Dakota and Katy are perfect together.

May your love ever-deepen, your joy overflow!
May the magic surround you, wherever you go!
May your friendship be peerless, your burdens be light;
May your love ever shine, burning strong, burning bright!
Let us all raise a glass for this Man and his Lady.
To a lifetime of joy!

To Dakota and Katy!

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